Beachbody is a subscriber-driven, global fitness and nutrition phenomenon who revolutionized home fitness with P90X. Today, the company markets the content streaming platform Beachbody On Demand, which is available in all app stores, plus OTT devices like Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast. Millions of subscribers stream hundreds of fitness workouts, plus access comprehensive nutrition and weight-loss programs.

Beachbody is a social content beast. Basically, everyone is the target -- hard core fitness freaks to total beginners. Images, headlines, body copy, descriptions are all created for maximum volume. Everything is tested, optimized, swapped out and refined. The below was an Instagram campaign. 

002_Motivational_FB 3.jpg
004_Motivational_FB 2.jpg
003_Motivational_FB 3.jpg
002_Motivational_FB 5.jpg
001_Motivational_FB 4.jpg
002_Motivational_FB 2.jpg

Beachbody On Demand is the streaming platform that houses all the fitness program. The hero header on the site is something that's updated all the time. 

Shakeology is a nutrition brand emcompassing powdered protein shakes and Boosts, which can be added to shakes. This is social content — a branding video to help position the new tagline “Change Begins Inside” along with social cards for the Shakeology Boost line.


In addition to the Shakeology meal-replacement supplement shake business, Beachbody has introduced a snack bar to compete in one of the fastest-growing categories in consumables. This is the sizzle video for social channels.