I started as a copywriter at a big agency on an iconic brand and jumped on every small project I could get my hands on. I learned how to write copy from titans, and even today find that an amazing piece of copy by another writer can send me back to the well to polish up whatever I'm working on at that moment.

I transitioned early into digital but never forgot how to tell a story. In the beginning, when digital was called "interactive", it seemed like we were creating answers as fast as clients were asking the questions. Most of them would prove to be wrong, but it was an exhilarating time in a brand new discipline that had yet to be defined. 

I'm a champion of integrated work that delivers results while being true to the USP, and to the big idea. The bulk of my career has been in big, mostly traditional agencies where being the "digital guy" meant about 455 things, give or take, on any given day. But the one thing that I've always believed, is that the "digital guy" or girl has to know that the big idea is what drives every idea.

As a Digital/Social creative leader, I’ve run accounts and managed large teams. I have global experience. And I'm a sucker for a knotty new business pitch.